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Evolve or Die: Startup Tries to Stay Ahead of Curve

Han-Ting Wang
Big Data Download

Call it a sign of the times. In the ever-changing world of digital media, Flipboard has been riding the wave of explosive growth. It has been nearly three years since the social media/news aggregator company launched, and as of today it boasts more than 50 million users.

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But Flipboard is not alone in the digital revolution, and to stay ahead of the pack, founder & CEO Mike McCue tries to understand the value of evolution. The company recently launched Flipboard 2.0, which allows users to create their own magazines by picking their own articles and sharing their own collection with others. While it’s still too early to call it a runaway hit, the platform is off to a solid start, with 3 million new users added in the past 2 weeks.

It’s not just new platforms that are on Flipboard’s radar. McCue also sees the use of big data as a means of improving his company’s business. “What we do is we look at data to figure out how we can make the user experience better … we look at lots of analysis to see how people are using the product, where they fall off,” he said. “And we made some adjustments just recently on 2.0 where we see now a 3-times increase in the number of people creating accounts.”

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