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How far would you travel for a McDonald’s burger?

Althea Chang
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How far would you travel for a McDonald’s burger?

Some fast food fans travel more than 25 miles to get their fix of McDonald's, KFC or Taco Bell, according to recent data on the industry.

"There are some [restaurant] locations where 15 percent, 25 percent of customers are coming from 25 miles away," according to data gathered from users of FrontFlip, a mobile app that offers discounts at some restaurant locations, according to the company's CEO, Sean Beckner.

Among patrons of a one particular McDonald's franchise partnership, consisting of eight restaurant locations in the Fort Collins, Colo. area, 30 percent traveled 25 miles or more from their home zip codes, according to FrontFlip.

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Meanwhile, about 7 percent of visitors to the 16 restaurants that make up a Yum! Brands franchise group in Kansas City, Mo. traveled that far for a fast food fix.

But many of those travelers could just be making pit stops during their daily commutes.

"I think a lot of it has to do with just where in the city you work relative to your house but also it means that people…have that affinity for your brand no matter where they go," Beckner told "Big Data Download."

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Visitors to another McDonald's franchise group's locations in Bowling Green, Ky., stopped at McDonald's once every four days, according to FrontFlip's data on users who've visited those locations at least twice.

Meanwhile visitors to one Yum franchise group's restaurants, which include KFC, Taco Bell and Pizza Hut visited just once every 24 days, according to the data.

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"I think what we're learning is if we give a fun experience, consumers are willing to give you some of that data that of course the business really wants to be able to capture and understand their customers and of course take action to try to drive additional visits.

McDonalds' may be doing just that by itself with its Monopoly game pieces, but FrontFlip competitors including Punchtab and DeelioZ are in on the mobile discount game as well.

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