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Interested in Solar Panels? You’re Not Alone

Christina Scolaro
Big Data Download

Light and heat produced by the sun, otherwise known as solar energy, continue to gain popularity among consumers. Yahoo searches for solar panels, prices and panel makers are all rising, as talk of global warming from fossil fuels also rises.

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It may be the warmer weather, but for the month ending April 7, Yahoo reports that searches for solar panels increased by 36 percent from the month prior. It also found that searches on the cost of the panels are up a whopping 335 percent from the same period a year ago.

Users in New York, Boston, Dallas-Fort Worth and Washington DC are heavily performing searches on the website, but Los Angeles tops the list of cities showing interest in solar panels by far. It has 25 percent more searches than the rest of the metro areas tracked by Yahoo combined.

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Assuming it’s the Do-It-Yourself crowd that has been searching for solar panels for houses, pools and boats, that increased interest could mean more business for some of the top panel manufacturers, including First Solar (FSLR), Yingli (YGE) and Suntech Power (STP).

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