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More graduation party planners ditch paper invitations

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Graduation season is getting underway, and more party planners are looking to the web to create invitations for college, high school, even pre-school and other graduations, according to recent data.

Graduation season is actually the third most popular time of year for parties, following Christmastime and Halloween, according to Evite, a website which, like Paperless Post and Punchbowl, helps users customize electronic invitations and manage replies to those invitations.

In the first four months of 2014, Evite users planned 28,686 graduation parties, vs. 28,419 parties in that same period in 2013, likely because party planners are getting more comfortable with using free or affordable electronic invitations, which can make it easier to track responses.

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"We're really just entering the peak of the graduation season," said Evite Chief Marketing Officer Jennifer Dominiquini, who adds that many more parties are still being planned from May into June.

College graduation parties make up the majority of graduation parties by far, outpacing the number of high school, pre-school and other graduation parties combined.

And graduation party planners are managing responses from more invited guests than those planning Christmas and Halloween parties, according to Evite. The average graduation party has about 30 invited guests, vs. 27 guests on average for all types of events managed by Evite.

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