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A Retail Category That’s Loving This Weather

Althea Chang
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A Retail Category That’s Loving This Weather

As the weather warms up, shoppers are getting ready to spruce up their yards, and that bodes well for retailers selling lawn and garden supplies after a cool spring put a damper on sales.

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"As we move into the summer months, and you start to see a continuation of wet weather and also seasonally cool weather, that's actually really, really good for the lawn and garden category," said Paul Walsh, vice president of weather analytics at The Weather Channel. "Lowe's (LOW) and Home Depot (HD) are really well-positioned here to take advantage of the fact that stuff is growing like crazy," Walsh added.

"The lawn and garden season is going longer and stronger than last year. Of course last year we were up against tremendous heat waves and drought, and this year it's been the complete opposite," Walsh said. “We expect ... that it's going to be relatively wet, which bodes really well for the home centers and also the manufacturers that support them. Companies like Scotts (SMG), companies like John Deere (DE), are all going to benefit," Walsh told "Big Data Download."

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Yahoo! web search users have been researching backyard items much more frequently in the past 30 days compared to the prior 30-day period. In that period, searches for swimming pool supplies spiked 1,150 percent and searches for inflatable water slides were up 458 percent. Searches for hammocks also jumped 760 percent this past month and searches for tree houses grew 578 percent, according to Yahoo! web search data.

In the Midwest, temperatures are forecast to be cooler than normal this summer, Walsh said. And that could spare residents of that region from oppressive heat and allow more comfortable temperatures for outdoor activities.

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