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Seeking Investment Safety? An Analyst Has Advice

Althea Chang
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Individual and institutional investors may be sending more of their money offshore, but investments here at home are showing better performance and could be a better choice for those looking to make safer bets, according to one analyst.ETFs and mutual funds are the most popular investment vehicles among those putting their money to work abroad, Charles Biderman, founder of Trim Tabs Investment Research, told “Big Data Download.” But regardless of the investment type, Biderman warns against investments focused on Europe and Japan.

In fact, Biderman recommends investing in one-ounce gold bars, as prices remain relatively low.

But individual investors and Yahoo! Web searchers seem to be looking at bonds and whether they should be their preferred safe haven.

In the past month, searches on Yahoo! for tax-free bonds were up 1,104 percent. And year-over-year, searches for municipal bonds were up 200 percent for the month ending March 24. And Web searchers aren't just interested on the surface; they're increasingly doing the math on their investments and possible investments too. Searches for U.S. savings bond calculator grew by 148 percent year over year.