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For the Serious Golfer: Swing Analytics

Althea Chang
Big Data Download

The Masters Golf Tournament is in full swing, and overall interest in golf appears to be growing. That could mean new opportunities for companies that make golf gear.

In the two weeks before the Masters, which officially started on Thursday, Web searches for the tournament were triple what they were in the two weeks before the event last year, according to Yahoo Web search data.

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Golf gear makers such as Titleist and Callaway Golf (ELY) may be among the obvious players that could benefit from a new crop of casual golfers, but tech company Mobiplex aims to help golfers at all levels of expertise improve their swings.

Using a motion sensor and its own blend of analytics, Mobiplex's SwingTIP gadget, a lightweight attachment to a golf club, measures golf swings to determine the ball's spin and the height and distance it's expected to travel.

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"There are people who had a profound inside out swing and that was causing them to really slice the ball badly. Once they knew what was causing that, they could focus on that and really combat that," Mobiplex CEO Vijay Nadkarni told "Big Data Download."

For $130 for the gadget and companion app, golfers can have their swings analyzed and receive suggestions for drills that could help improve users' skills.

The SwingTIP gadget does face some competition however. The 3BayGSA Putt device, at $200, and the SwingSmart Golf Swing Analyzer, at $249.99, offer similar features.

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