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Want to Lose Money? Have a Website Outage

Christina Medici Scolaro
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Want to Lose Money? Have a Website Outage

According to the National Retail Federation, 67 percent of consumers will abandon a website if it’s too slow. Almost half of all online shoppers will abandon their shopping cart if there is a 3 second delay, according to KISSMetrics. Downtime can cost a company hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost revenue.

Any business with a website, especially one where revenue is tied directly to the website such as Amazon.com should have a database storage unit. Back in 2008, Amazon.com experienced a two-hour outage that was estimated to cost the retailer $3.7 million or $31,000 per minute.

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New York-based Fresh Direct is an online grocer that processes between 4,000 and 10,000 orders a day. The problem the company ran in to was login time. The more a customer ordered from the website; the longer the login process took, sometimes up to 60 seconds longer. This slowdown was causing Fresh Direct to lose customers and revenue. Data consulting firm Pythian traced the login delays to the database, made improvements to the data architecture, and reduced the login time by 120 percent, down to less than one second. Fresh Direct saw a return on investment in a single day.

Every company should consider using a database storage company such as Pythian, Microsoft’s Project Madison or Truviso to help keep data safe and infrastructures running efficiently.