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@GSElevator exposed! Five of the funniest tweets in finance

Kevin Chupka
Executive Producer/Writer

Are you one of @GSElevator’s 629,000 Twitter followers? The man behind the popular account that claimed to publish “things heard in the Goldman Sachs elevator” has been unmasked.

The 34-year-old former bond executive’s name is John Lefevre, and he never worked for Goldman Sachs. He spent seven years at Citigroup and now works for a boutique firm somewhere in Texas.

He scrubbed his name and image off the internet as the Twitter profile gained in popularity but told the New York Times, who was first to identify him, “I knew this day would come.”

According to the Times report Lefevre was offered a job at Goldman’s Hong Kong office in 2010. People the paper spoke to at Goldman say the offer was later rescinded, but Lefevre contends they ended negotiation amicably and the ordeal was focused on a noncompete clause in his existing contract.

Of his secret “double life” Lefevre told the Times:

“This was never about me as a person,” he said. “It wasn’t about a firm. The stories aren’t Goldman Sachs in particular. It was about the culture in general.”

He’s already signed a lucrative book deal to write about Wall Street culture and was apparently upfront with his publisher about his background.

So will his popular twitter doppelganger live on? Either way, with over a thousand tweets already tweeted there’s plenty of reading material already.

Here are just some of our favorites: