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3 big winners from a down January


In the words of Peyton Manning, can I get a restart here? 2014 off to kind of a sloppy start, but in the overall market we have three winners, a couple of which are actually reversing trends from last year.

Let’s take a look at Blackberry (BBRY) , the Canadian phone manufacturer making a huge comeback, up more than 25% year to date on rather abstract plans to sell this or that, make parts of this thing or the other.

Blackberry was a huge short winner last year and that’s what we’re seeing again, this time with Abercrombie & Fitch (ANF), which is replacing Mike Jefferies as chairman and keeping him officially as CEO, bringing someone else in to direct, lead and otherwise guide the company. That’s not really a specific plan, but it’s something to hang your hat on. Shares are up 10% on the year.

And here’s one that was a winner last year, it’s a winner this year, bucking the trend in an overall market, it’s Facebook (FB). The company's off to a screaming start doing a lot of what they did last year starting in July when they surprised to the upside on earnings. The doubters? You don’t want to step in front of this thing, sometimes it’s best to just get out of the way, or express your skepticism by buying calls and calling everyone else silly for being long this stock.

Facebook has beat on mobile, it beat overall the last couple quarters, and it’s been working for them like crazy. All is not lost is your big message for 2014. The headlines are bad, the markets overall are bad, but if you stay patient, keep your independent thoughts, you can win in this stock and any market.

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