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3 Stocks for an Uncertain World: Carol Roth


Carol Roth gets it. You're uncertain. Noise about the Fiscal Cliff, QE3, Jackson Hole, the Election, and the economy are just some of the things creeping into your head and impacting psyche of the collective market. "The concern that we're going to bounce around becomes self-fulfilling," says the best-selling author of The Entrepreneur Equation in the attached video.

Roth's solution isn't to ignore the concerns but to accept them and build a portfolio of specific stocks that can create a buffer between her and market chaos threatening to break out at any moment. "Instead of waiting for that to happen to the market in general, focus on particular stocks that are a good value," she advises.

Here are a few stocks she's focusing on right now:

CF Industries (CF)

The maker of nitrogen and phosphate fertilizers is going to benefit from the drought not just this year but next too. It's also cheap as Roth sees it. Using what's called a PEG ratio in some circles, CF is trading at a P/E of 7 with an estimated growth rate upwards of 10%.

Dollar Tree (DLTR)

The dollar stores have done well this year, getting more than their share of the surprising strength in consumer discretionary stocks. For one thing the companies benefit from small footprints in hundreds of locations; a bonus in an environment of high gas prices and tight budgets.

"In an environment of uncertainty you're going to have people flocking to dollar stores," Roth says, breaking things down to their core.

Apple (AAPL)

Yup, Roth is on the Apple bandwagon. The longtime shareholder says Apple is still cheap, regardless of the greater than 60% gains in 2012 to date. The logic goes back to the PEG ratio she used for CF Industries. Apple trades just over 15% earnings with an estimated growth rate of 20%, minimum. Forget the nearly $700 price tag, Roth says the shares are cheap.

How long does she expect to hold it? "Until there's bad news," she says plainly. "In terms of their leadership they've show the ability to execute, so I'm hanging on to the stock for now."