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3 Ways Apple Can Win Over the Only Generation That Matters Right Now

3 Ways Apple Can Win Over the Only Generation That Matters Right Now

Apple (AAPL) sure had “a lot to cover” in its latest product event at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theater in San Francisco on Tuesday. Shares swung between positive and negative territory before closing lower by 0.3%. This after unveiling two new iPads -- an updated Mini and a full-sized iPad Air, which is thinner and lighter than the original. The new iPad Air is set to go on sale on November 1st and the new Mini will go on sale later in November.

Apple also revealed a line-up of new MacBook pro laptops and Mac Pro desktops, as well as the new operating system OS X Mavericks and 20 app updates that are available now to download for free.

Breakout spoke with millennial investor Brian Sozzi, CEO & chief equities strategist at Belus Capital Advisors, to figure out how Apple could win over our generation for decades to come. Here are three keys to the millennial heart.

1. Save us money

“I don’t want to buy another PC from Microsoft. I don’t want another laptop," says Sozzi in the attached video. "They need to show me that I can use a tablet in everyday life; that I don’t need to go home and use a PC. If they can do that, that’s great.”

This is simple. I’ll use myself as a good example. I have a MacBook Pro at work. I have an HP Windows laptop at home. I walk around all day with an iPhone and an iPad. What if I could have one tablet that eliminates the need for all other devices? My pocketbook wouldn’t necessarily be lighter because I’m always walking around with devices. But I would sure save money being able to set aside my old laptop for good.

2. Smaller, lighter products

We’re a generation on the go. Nothing will slow us down, so products need to keep up.

“They have to continue vaporizing the size of the device. Millennials like it lighter, they want it to work very quickly,” says Sozzi. “If I could put this little tiny device in my Coach man-bag, thumbs up, that’s winning.”

3. Give us toys!

“Millennials love their toys,” says Sozzi. And they don’t necessarily have to be useful toys. Apple’s fingerprint sensor on the iPhone 5S is wowing us today, but may seem played out six months from now. That’s okay! It’s all about the cool factor for this generation. If you can grab our attention, we’ll put down the credit card for that must-have item. Once the next cool product comes along, we’ll do it again.

Bottom line, as Macke summarizes, “cheap, small and cool” will win the millennials' hearts. We'll see how Apple's latest refresh does in the quest to win over this coveted age group.