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Aerosmith's Joey Kramer goes from rock 'n roll to roastin' coffee


The drummer for the biggest rock band in American history rolls his head back and draws a surprisingly deep breath through his nose. A smile plays at the corner of his mouth. His eyes close. He’s at peace.

He’s Joey Kramer of Aerosmith and in the last 44 years he’s been around the world more times than he can remember, but there’s one thing he knows to be a mortal, certain truth: the coffee in America is swill. As the CEO of Rockin’ & Roastin’, Kramer is set to save us from our national disgrace and the dire threat of single-serve bilge water being marketed as coffee.

In the attached clip, Kramer and I drink the best coffee that’s ever been served in Yahoo’s midtown television studio while he tells me what motivated him to get a day job after nearly a half a century behind the kit. “I’m not just another celebrity putting my name on a product to make money,” Kramer explains. “It’s about the quality of it, and it’s about what I’m bringing to the public.”

What he’s bringing are three roasts of coffee (no blends!) being distributed through over 1,000 grocery stores in 13 states on the East Coast. Through a partnership with Comfort Foods, Rockin’ & Roastin’ recently shipped a massive first order to Costco (COST) as the first step of what the company hopes will soon grow into a nationwide tour of sorts. The company is selling bags now, but is developing single serve cups that Kramer hopes will fill the much-needed taste void in the market today.

“My job is to get people to try it once. I know once they try it they’ll graduate over from the so-called ‘coffee’ they’re drinking now.”

Kramer’s a connoisseur of fine coffee. As such he’s hands on with the development of the single-serve cups as the company looks for a way to bring quality to a market at a reasonable price. As it is today the coffee is losing it’s flavor and richness in the transition from beans to the cup. What Rockin’ & Roastin’ has done is develop a way to get more coffee into each serving, adding flavor the other guys lack.

He’s got a good team around him but Kramer is the judge, jury and executioner when it comes to getting the flavor out of the beans and into the mug. “I make sure that goes all the way. I am the CEO of the company. I’m hands-on all the time. It’s the same as my band; we do it because we love the music and we love bringing the music to the public. I love coffee and I’m bringing it to the public.”

If you’ve spent your life as a coffee drinker roaming from Dunkin (DNKN) to Starbucks (SBUX), jump over to the company website and give Rockin’ & Roastin’ a shot. It’ll open your eyes as to what real coffee is all about.

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