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Amazon to release 'holy grail' on June 18th


Yesterday afternoon Amazon (AMZN) took to Twitter (TWTR) and sent out invites to a special event on June 18th. You can watch the full video invite here.

What is this magic box that has users so delighted? Could it be a cricket cage holding an enchanted insect that plays tunes and grants wishes? Probably not. Most analysts are expecting the latest device from Amazon to be a long awaited smartphone. Based on the way the actors in the clip are tilting and squinting at the device, many think it will have some form of 3D enabled by multiple-angle cameras and retina-scan technology.

According to "people familiar with Amazon's plans," the device could use this tech to create images that appear to pop-out of the screen and appear multidimensional at all angles. Users would in theory be able to navigate a series of menus using *only their eyes* and, based on the video, a little body english and tilting.

No matter what the actors say there is nothing intuitive about either this device or Amazon's expansion into smartphones. Then again, this is the company that gave us Kindle and, most recently, Fire TV, a set-top box that plays games and streams movies. Whatever the device is you can bet that it's not a free-standing business but part of Amazon's overarching strategy to extend deeper into customer's lives. As it becomes clear that the future of digital content lies in users storing their media in "clouds," Amazon, Apple (AAPL), Google (GOOGL) and a host of other companies are all trying to build what amounts to delightful cages for all your memories and amusements.

As the line between on-line and off-line retail blurs, so to is the line between hardware and software companies. All the corporate giants are shooting for the same target: they want to be your one-stop shop for everything you own. It's the corporate Holy Grail.

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