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Apple: There's more than meets the eye in today's announcements


It’s not the excitement factory of last decade but only Apple (AAPL) is capable of packing an auditorium for what amounts to an update to its operating systems. As expected the company today announced a slew of new tweaks and enhancements that seemed at once over-reaching (a smart home remains a goal both unattained and not particularly desired) and mundane.

Ironically the more banal features that tie the ecosystem together are probably the most exciting for investors. As iTunes ages the primary barrier to exiting the Apple world for most users is familiarity and the simple hassle of moving all your stuff from Apple to Android. By storing photos not on devices but in the cloud Apple has at once freed up space and increased stickiness.

As for the rest, in the attached video Yahoo’s Aaron Pressman says much of Apple’s announcement is a down payment on their future. Sure it wasn’t as sexy as an iPhone or iPad launch but Tim Cook and company unveiled the Homekit and Healthkit apps. They will allow third party hardware and software to better integrate with Apple’s ecosystem.

Imagine your Fitbit sending your vitals to the app or to a medical professional in the blink of an eye. Imagine buying a new home security system, not from Apple but from a third party that spent the money to integrate their product with OSX and iOS. Apple then reaps the benefits from your purchase without developing the hardware themselves. In the process you become further cemented into their system, making it all the more impossible to switch to Android.

Apple also announced a whole new programming language called Swift. App makers are already foaming at the mouth with excitement. It’s a play at all sorts of well-established competitors. One of myriad examples - Swift could lead to better games allowing Apple to compete with XBox or PlayStation. From there the possibilities are endless.

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