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Apple vs. Google: It’s a Matter of Management Says Vickers


Like two stars being inexorably drawn together by gravity, Google (GOOG) and Apple (AAPL) are set to collide on a massive scale, rendering all that was known before impact little more than ash and memory. Or at least that's what it feels like for traders playing these Nasdaq stocks. Owning these tech giants is becoming a zero sum game. It's time for traders to choose one or the other. Breakout put money manager Damon Vickers on the spot in the attached clip.

Vickers owns both stocks but his heart belongs to Google. Ticking off Android's huge place in the smartphone market and the stock's recent breakout over $700, he says the search king simply has more going for it right now than Apple.

Speaking of Apple, for a guy who's long the stock Vickers is unusually willing to say aloud things most bulls fear to utter. "I love what Apple is doing but the insane madman, the brilliant guy, Steve Jobs, he's left the building and gone to heaven."

Vickers characterizes current CEO Tim Cook as an operations guy, better suited to making the trains run on time at a more staid company than keeping the motor running at the most creative company in the world.

On the chart side it's even worse. "The fear with Apple is that it has a negative $200 point down day," taking the stock back to where it broke out of the $400- $500 area. By comparison chart heads see strong support for Google at $700, making Vickers a much more aggressive buyer of the stock.

Ultimately Vickers says it's a matter of management. No one could replace Steve Jobs but the assessment of the guy currently in the CEO seat is withering.

"I don't like Tim Cook," he says. "We need a crazy genius, a little guy who's a little tweaked to be running that company and it's not Tim Cook."

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