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Blackberry doesn't lose as much as expected, Visa gets sued, and Caesars offers new shares


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Blackberry (BBRY) - The not-very- smart phone maker is up, nearly 2% after reporting a loss of $423 million last quarter and a stunning $5.9 billion loss for the full fiscal year. New CEO John Chen has reduced expenses and says he will focus on BBM chat and ads. Despite burning another half billion in cash last quarter Blackberry shares are higher in 2014 on hopes the company will never try to sell phones again

Visa (V) - The credit card company is trading a little lower today on news that Walmart (WMT) is suing them for $5 billion dollars. The world's largest retailer is accusing Visa of excessively high swipe fees. The suit wasn't unexpected; Walmart was one of several retailers opting out of class-action settlement last year. Suits from Amazon (AMZN) and Target (TGT) are expected soon.

Caesars (CZS) - The casino giant is down more than 6% after announcing a seven million share secondary offering. Caesars has been shuffling its balance sheet for the better part of a decade after a $31 billion buyout in 2006. The public shares have performed well but Ceasars continues to scramble for cash to pay off debt holders. Today's drop proves yet again that In the the poker game of life, interest payments are the rake.
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