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Crude Oil Under Pressure: It’s Time to Get Long Says Kilburg


Just three days into the first sell-off of any magnitude in months, the pain is getting spread across the board. Tech, financials and commodities are all in the cross hairs, particularly crude oil. As measured by the U.S. benchmark WTI crude oil has fallen over 7% in 3 trading days and nearly 15% in the last month.

Jeff Kilburg, CNBC contributor and founder of Killir Kapital Management says most of the damage has been done and it's time to start getting long oil. Suggesting the market started squeezing the life out of the bulls when the WTI broke the $88 - $93 a barrel range. With the bulls gone, Central Bank stimulus looming, and the perpetual risk of Middle East conflict, time favors the bulls.

"If you want to play this, do it via the USO," he says, referring to the United States Oil Fund LP ETF (USO). As an ETF, the USO isn't perfect but it's better than many in terms of tracking the movements of the underlying commodity.

"When people have no where else to put their money, they'll move it into commodities," Kilburg offers, echoing the belief of commodity bulls everywhere. Of course, Kilburg is talking his own book, not to spark a rally but because he believes in it. "I'm long crude oil currently, I want to get in some more here, and I think the USO is giving me some opportunity."

His entry point is just under $32, where the USO is trading today, with a stop at $29. Right, wrong or somewhere in the middle, you know exactly where Kilburg stands.