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Ford stuck in reverse, Amazon retreating, Pandora plunging


Making the list today as measured by your yahoo (FS 1) finance ticker searches are:

Pandora (P) hitting static to the tune of as much as 15%. The streaming music service released an earnings report that opened up a Pandora's box of pain on investors as revenues were strong but the company lost more than expected. Pandora said it will raise prices on its premium paid service a buck to $4.99 a month and plow the proceeds into an marketing efforts to defend its place at the top of the charts in on-line music broadcasting. Pandora picked the wrong day to tell Wall Street it was going to spend big in hopes of capturing share of a low-margin business.

Amazon.com (AMZN) is getting blasted by 8% after the company actually beat estimates last night. I wrote about Jeff Bezos' Willy Wonk-ish charms earlier on Breakout but Amazon's stock is a little shop of horrors. Shares are now off about 25% since late January and are poised to trade under $300 for the first time since last October. The question with Amazon is whether or not the company will ever be sustainably profitable as the line blurs between on and off-line merchants. For nearly 20 years Amazon shares have been a great proxy for Wall Street's optimism about the economy. Right now traders need a hug.

Ford Motor Company (F): the second largest U.S. automaker down three percent as higher warranty and bad weather woes stalled profits. Ford added $400 million in warranty and recall expenses, claiming added complexity to newer cars made service more expensive. The company also had a bigger loss in South America than expected, and was hit by higher shipping costs due to bad weather in North America. Big picture here is Ford's in good shape, but reported new CEO Mark Fields will have a lot on his plate has he takes over later this year.

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