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Forget Treasuries, Housing Is the Place to Hide: Marc Faber


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Over the years, followers of the Swiss economist Marc Faber have come to expect the unconventional, or at least the unpopular, when it comes to contrarian themes and investment ideas within his publication The Gloom, Boom & Doom Report. That is why his latest tome titled "The Most Important Thing in Investments is to Hear What is Not Discussed!" is so striking.

"I think investors should start to think what investments will go down the least when there is massive wealth destruction," Faber says in the attached video clip from his office in Thailand. "I happen to believe that home prices in the south of the U.S., in Arizona, Georgia, Nevada and so fourth, are relatively inexpensive compared to other asset prices."

It needs to be said that Faber is not calling the bottom in housing, nor is he touting homebuilder stocks (XHB), as he had done in November, since he thinks their doubling since then, and recent declines, have moved them into a corrective phase.

No, this call on residential real estate is predicated on his belief that "one day, asset prices will collapse" in a deflationary spiral, a reset, an implosion.

"You have to ask yourself what asset prices will be relatively secure. I happen to think real estate, because of its wide ownership" he says, comparing it to financial assets, which are extremely volatile.

Faber says because of the Fed's monetary policy, ''everything is mispriced because when you have zero rates, you have complete mispricing of all assets."