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Friday’s Trading Headlines, Ideas and Tweets

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Everywhere we look this fine morning, we're seeing stories on overseas investing. Even on our own pages. Do it. Don't do it. Do so, but with caution.

The ECB, Japan, Spain -- our old friend the yen carry trade makes an appearance. Do we fight the trend or embrace it? The latter, naturally. Unless you want to be a contrarian. You could fall back on that magazine-cover theory about how when the popular press gets on an investment theme, head for the hills. It's enough to make the head spin.

At any rate, the international story abounds as another week on Wall Street comes to a close, so have a look. And it gives you something to think about other than the possibility of a shutdown in Washington. We've collected some of the more compelling articles, commentaries and Tweets. Give these a read, then drop us a line.

In the headlines:

*7 Investments That Show the BRIC Is Back - MarketWatch

*Yen Carry Trade Is Back On: Strategist - CNBC

*Is America the next Portugal? - MarketWatch

*Interest Rates Likely Heading Higher - Barron's

*Afraid of Euro Break-Up? Buy Eastern Europe Debt - CNBC

*Muni Salesmen Fight Gloom - The Wall Street Journal

*Yet Another Danger in Bank Bonds - SmartMoney

*Oil Near $112 as Attacks Damage Libyan Oil Fields - AP

*Are Shipping Stocks Back On Course? - SmartMoney

*Wringing Some Return From Intel's Flat Stock - Barron's

*The Dark Side of Strong Corporate Earnings - The Wall Street Journal

*REITs' Retreat May Show Cracks in Complacency - Barron's

On the blogs:

*Emerging Markets Make a Huge Comeback - Bespoke Investment Group

*Investing in South Korea is Still a Better Bet Than Buying Japan - Jon Markman, Money Morning

*What Is the Source of Record Earnings? - Barry Ritholtz, The Big Picture

*The Countdown Has Begun for the Eurozone Breakup - David Beckworth, Seeking Alpha

*Still Bullish on Emerging Debt Despite Global Instability - Casey Smith, Seeking Alpha

From Twitter:

*Gary Sandlund @garysandlund - maybe the Govt should take notice that stock market thinks its a good thing if they shut down.

*Peter Brandt @PeterLBrandt - $ZL_F http://chart.ly/hrpnc8m $ZL_F $ZS_F USDA report 2day. Oil poised to rock. Great intra-day set up. All rprts this yr bullish

*Brian Shannon @alphatrends - $XOIL http://chart.ly/j7d358t 111.53 keep an eye on the little ones today

*Jon Najarian @optionmonster - SLV ;-) rt @zerohedge Perfect Storm For Gold & Silver - Silver Surges 6% In Week To $40.28 — Forecast $50/oz This Year http://is.gd/K7KuQ6

*Ashraf Laidi @alaidi - $GBPUSD JUMPING on UK PPI Output Core (MoM) Mar Actual: 0.9% Survey: 0.6% Prior: 0.5%

*Bill McBride @calculatedrisk - Europe Update: Austerity in Portugal, Bank Stress Test concerns in Germany http://goo.gl/fb/OmBCe

Compiled by Elizabeth Trotta and Chris Nichols.

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