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Guest Columns for Anatomy of a Trade

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Hello traders --

We need your help to make Yahoo! Finance and our original sites even better. What specifically are we looking for? We want YOU to submit a guest column for Breakout, our new trading and investing web site.

Breakout is primarily a video site, with segments hosted by Jeff Macke and Matt Nesto, but we also have a text component that's very important. A feature we plan to have regularly involves one-time guest columns written by professional traders. The idea of this column is to help educate our retail audience members, allowing them to better understand how professionals go about their business. For example, how do you:

--Open, track and close positions

--Manage risk

--Develop and live by rules

--Learn from your mistakes

Anything you would write wouldn't necessarily need to be completely basic, but details of a particular past trade, one that could be fully documented from start to finish, would be key. Again, our goal with this column is to share your insight and expertise on the mechanics of trading. We're not asking for predictions with this column, and the fact that we're seeking trades that have been completed is crucial to the entire point. We're looking for outcomes, after all, and we're hoping you might be interested in writing such a column.

We're already off to a great start, but we want to keep it up. To give you a better idea of what we're looking for, check out our inaugural column, which was written by optionMONSTER's Jon Najarian -- Anatomy of a Trade: When Trading a Panic, Let the Exit Come to You.

Another column was written by Simon Baker of Baker Avenue Asset Management -- Anatomy of a Trade: Market Risk Analysis and Momentum Investing.

You'll see that these columns outline a situation, the thought process and plan, the entry, the observations, the exit and the end result. We're certainly interested in hearing about winning trades, but we're also very eager to learn about trades that didn't work and how you limited your losses (or if the trade truly went south, what happened and what can be taken away from it). Ideally, each column we run will have one trade that worked and one that didn't work as well.

And please share this with any and all of your colleagues. We're looking for as many voices as we can get.

We'll leave it at this for now because we know you're busy. If you might like to take part or if you have any questions, please contact me through one of the methods below.

Thank you,

Chris Nichols -- Assistant Managing Editor, Yahoo! Finance

Contact information:

Email: nichols1@yahoo-inc.com

Office: 646-351-5790 / Cell: 908-334-1861

Twitter: @NicholsNYC