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Harley riding high; Netflix to tweak pricing; Facebook jumping as earnings loom


Making the list today as measured by your yahoo (FS 1) finance ticker searches are:

Harley-Davidson (HOG): The ride of choice for tweakers and baby boomers revving higher today, as much as 7%. The Milwaukee-based motorcycle builder reported a 19% jump in Q1 profit, as a boom in overseas sales, particularly Asia, compensated for lower sales in the U.S. With the addition of two new models, the Low Rider and the SuperLow 1200T, Harley hopes investors will likely be riding (HOG) shares for a long time.

Speaking of tweaking, Netflix (NFLX) shares are over 6% higher today. Now that America has become addicted to binge-watching series like Breaking Bad and House of Cards, Netflix is planning on raising prices. CEO Reed Hastings announced that he would raise monthly subscription prices by a dollar or two but that doesn't seem to be bothering investors who are clearly piling into the stock.

Also trending today, Facebook (FB). Hoodie-man's social network jumping on an analyst upgrade, as well as it's reported move into creating a new ad platform. Credit Suisse upgraded the stock to "outperform" (VO) based on growing revenue per user. One of the ways Facebook could make it happen is via a new mobile ad platform that offers up even more user information to advertisers, allowing them to, yes, 'tweak' ads across FB's platforms to focus on user interests and location. Whatever happens to shares for the rest of the day will likley be forgotten by tomorrow after the bell, when the Facebook reports earnings.

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