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Investing 101: Learning to Trade and Invest in an Online World

Investing 101: Learning to Trade and Invest in an Online World

For anyone over 30 the amount of information available online is overwhelming. Access to analyst research once required opening a brokerage account or having a well-placed source for leaks. Rumors were slowly disseminated and all but impossible to fact check. Flash crashes took days to develop.

For teenagers like actress and editor of FoxonStocks.com Rachel Fox, when information is anything less than immediate, it is glacial. Her generation is built for speed in an age where the only filters are those on Instagram ("Insty").

All she has to do now is figure out which of the infinite sites are value adding. In the attached clip, Fox shares three places she goes to help guide her as she teaches herself to invest and trade.

[NOTE: The below sites have extensive free offerings. They also provide pay services. Neither Yahoo Finance nor the author are endorsing, recommending or reviewing any of the pay services. Caveat emptor.]

1. FreeOnlineTradingEducation.com

The URL is a mouthful, but Fox says the site is a must for those trying to grasp the often impenetrable jargon and the patterns of technical analysis. "Everybody who wants to know about technical analysis or wants to learn about the charts and trends" can get the basics there.

2. StockCharts.com

StockCharts.com is where she puts her charting to work to "customize any kind of chartistry that you want to look at." Make a chart, see what's hot with the community and get opinions from experts — Fox finds value in all of it.

3. EarningsWhisper.com

Fox gets her earnings calendar and unofficial estimates from this trading suggestion site that purports to give "professional earnings expectations."

All of the above sites are how Fox is teaching herself about trading. Not investing. For the long haul, real money is made over the years through a combination of understanding trading basics and a mastery of old-school fundamentals.

For learning fundamental investing there is one site I can enthusiastically recommend to investors of every experience level. It's free and has more than 30 years of wisdom available for the asking. The site is BerkshireHathaway.com. It's like serving Brussels sprouts in a world filled with Pixie Stix, but most investors would be well served to skip a journey to the "Woodstock of Investing" and spend the weekend pouring over letters from the most successful speculator in the world.

If I knew then what I know now, Warren's world is where I'd start learning about investing.