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LG’s Flexible Phone: Funky Feature or Simply a Fad?


You may have seen the video of an curved smartphone being flattened on a table then rebounding to its original position. Try this with a standard curved phone and you’ll be out of business. But try it with LG’s new G Flex and you’ll be the talk of the town.

“I think this is a great device that shows what’s to come in the industry,” says Georg Rasinski, the head of cellphone marketing at LG U.S. in the attached video.

While Samsung  already sells a curved phone called the Galaxy Round, Rasinski says LG is leading the way with the first curved AND flexible smartphone in the U.S. While clearly a cool development, it’s not clear yet if consumers will go nuts for it or simply stick with their traditional cases. Already, an early review on tech website CNET calls LG’s G Flex “daring design,” but concludes it ‘’doesn’t flex enough muscle” vs Samsung’s Round.

Currently, the G Flex is only available in LG’s home market, South Korea, but an announcement on its debut date, price, and carriers in the U.S. is set to be made soon, as well as details about what the next round of curved and flexed phone might be capable of.

As far as critics go, Rasinski says the curve not only improves audio pickup but increase the phone’s overall durability, from screen-scratch protection to accidental pocket mishaps that would render other phones useless.

So while flexible phones still have to prove their worth, curved phones, he says, are here to stay, as it offers a great “cinema on the go” viewing experience that mimic state of the art movie theaters.

“The curved concept is coming to smartphones,” he Rasinski says “and LG is leading the way.”

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