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Oscar glitter isn't always box office gold


The Oscar nominations for 2013 have been announced and the top individual award candidates offer the typical mix of usual suspects and Oscar newbies. Cate Blanchett and Leonardo DiCaprio may have been easy to predict and are often in the running but how about Chiwetel Ejiofor and June Squibb?

For some of these stars Oscar night will be just one twinkle in a glittering career, but others may be flickering out before the night is over. For every Jennifer Lawrence who went from making $500,000 for the The Hunger Games to Oscar gold making $10 million per film, there’s a Nic Cage, brilliantly eccentric in Leaving Las Vegas then just eccentric-eccentric while earning $16-million for a flop called Snake Eyes.

Among other actors who cashed in big only to wash out fast, few have had more fleeting success than Adrian Brody. After winning the Best Actor Award for The Pianist in 2002 Brody collected almost $3 million to play the village idiot in former Oscar nominee M. Night Shyamalan’s disappointing The Village. Brody went on to the weirdly disappointing King Kong followed by a run in independent films and shaving commercials.

It would possible to use Brody as the central figure in Six Degrees of post-Oscar Nightmares, a twist on the old “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon” game. Not only did The Village mark the beginning of a steep slide in the career of Shyamalan but Halle Berry, who Brody so memorably mugged when accepting his Oscar, went from Best Actress for Monster’s Ball to collecting a whopping $14 million to play the title role in the mega-flop Batman spin-off Catwoman.

At least thus far the career of fellow Oscar winner and Catwoman Anne Hathaway seems to have avoided the curse.

See the attached clip to see who Option Monster’s Jon Najarian and I think has the best shot to be this year’s most likely candidate to pick up Oscar gold and disappear into the limelight. Here’s a hint: he’s got another career to fall back on.