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Rally Software gets hit hard, Hertz is hurting and remembering the Dow on D-Day


Happy national donut day, campers, you've almost made it to the end of the week. Before you go here's your daily dose of Trending Tickers - based on your Yahoo Finance ticker searches. Making the list today:

Rally Software (RALY) - The cloud computing company is doing anything but today as shares are tanking - down close to 30% - after guiding lower for the second quarter and the rest of the year. Analysts had expected the company to bring in about $22.5 million in revenue this quarter but the company says to expect somethinge between $20 and $21 million. For the full year analysts were looking for $116.63 million but Rally expects something more like $87-90 million.

Hertz (HTZ) - "Hurts, don't it?" There's no celebrating national donut day today for shareholders of Hertz after the company announced it will restate three years of financials to correct errors. The stock is down almost 10% on the news, taking back all of the gains for 2014. It's a rough turn of events for investors who have seen other companies associated with the travel space moving higher with the sluggishly growing economy.

The Dow (DJI) - 70 years ago today the Dow closed at a new high for 1944 on news of the successful D-Day invasion. If you had made a $1,000 bet on America that day -- via the index that is -- you'd have $118,838 today. That's before dividends, my friends. A compounded annual growth rate of 7%. Capitalism is a flawed, unfair and sometimes warped system but it's better than anything else. Keep that in the back of your mind even as you exercise your Constitutional right to bad mouth your neighbors.

Those are your Trending Tickers for today. Let us know what stocks you're watching by Tweeting at us using #TrendingTicker.

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