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The Real Reason Obamacare Is a Disaster

The Real Reason Obamacare Is a Disaster

"If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you'll never get it done," martial arts film star Bruce Lee once said. His comments, or philosophy, seem particularly poignant today given that three and a half years of planning and preparation for the launch of Obamacare has come completely unraveled in just three and a half weeks.

"It's been a disaster," says Capitalist Pig's Jonathan Hoenig of the decision to delay the penalty for the individual mandate due to website difficulties. It may be officially known as the Affordable Care Act but the program has quickly become the new poster child for technical ineptitude and mismanagement.

"I don't think it's just the website. I think it's the very nature of what Obamacare represents," he adds in the attached video. By that, Hoenig argues, that the program's biggest flaw is that it is involuntary, or mandated, and puts the government in control of individual health care.

"Anytime government gets involved in forcing people to participate in a project, that's a recipe for destruction," he says. "It's not government guns (or mandates). It's a free-market and individual choice and liberty."

While Daily Show comedian and commentator John Stewart has suggested that had the process been handled by the likes of a Jeff Bezos at Amazon or Mark Zuckerberg at Facebook, the online insurance exchanges and registration would not only be running, but fun.

Clearly, that is not the case.

In the meantime, as lawmakers probe what went wrong and look for someone to blame, it does not look as if there will be any White Knights emerging from Wall Street or Silicon Valley to save the day or try to reboot healthcare.gov before it gets worse.

"I don't run a tech company, but I would absolutely chose not to be involved in the programming or the design of an Obamacare website," Hoenig says, suggesting that to do so will ultimately prove to be a long-term negative. "It is possible to have high quality health care, high quality health insurance, at a low cost but you actually have to let those (free market) forces make that possible."

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