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Relief rally Monday: WebMD on fire; Goodrich gushing higher; Citi catching a bid


Making the list today as measured by your Yahoo Finance Ticker Searches are:

Citigroup (C): The beleaguered megabank catching a bid after reporting earnings and revenue figures that topped street estimates. It's a bit of nice news for Citi after a tough few weeks where massive fraud was reported at its Mexican subsidiary, and the Fed flunking CEO Michael Corbat's plans to return cash to shareholders due to capital requirments. Citi's still in the early stages of rebuilding, and today's 4% rally leaves shares more than 90% below where they were trading in 2007.

Goodrich Petroleum (GDP): The Texas-based oil and nat gas exploration and development company surging over 25% after reporting good news from the Tuscaloosa Marine Shale. Goodrich's newest well located in the oil-rich formation that stretches from Texas across the middle of Louisiana and into Mississippi is pumping out better than expected quantities of oil and nat gas. That's right folks, when you get right down to it even a modern billion dollar company like Goodrich still has a certain There Will Be Blood vibe to it.

WebMD (WBMD): If customers and shareholders are feeling a burning sensation, that's because the shares are on fire! The online medical reference portal popping 16% after reporting a clean bill of health in the financial department. The company boosted first quarter and full-year guidance as CEO David Schlanger said the rosy outlook “reflects recent improvements in our sales activity compared to our experience in the early weeks of 2014.” We'll see if WebMD can be the Florence Nightingale to the beaten and bloodied tech trade.

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