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Stay Calm When the Market’s Chaotic: Gabelli’s Barbara Marcin

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If you're feeling like a bull in a market that's suddenly shifted direction (yet again) toward the bears, don't panic.

The market has had three down days, but Barbara Marcin, manager of the Gabelli Blue Chip Value Fund, has some advice for the regular investor. This icon of under-reaction keeps a cool head first and then refers to a list of proven fundamentals.

"Don't fight the Fed," is chief among her admonishments, but she also says there's currently an absence of viable alternatives to stocks. Until rates return to more normalized levels (4%-5%) she argues that total return plays offering both growth and income will win, "especially [those companies] with exposure to global and emerging markets."

As for specific names, Marcin offered some suggestions. DuPont (DD) and International Paper (IP) both have dividend yields of around 3%, both do more than half their sales abroad and both, accordingly, are top holdings in her portfolio.

If you're looking for bold bets, keep looking. But if you're looking for steady stock picks that "pay while you wait," Barbara Marcin just might be what you've been looking for.

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