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Stocks to Watch and Trading Ideas for Monday

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Worries are building about the markets at the start of this new trading week on Wall Street. Over the weekend, the People's Bank of China said the reserve ratio for most banks would be raised again to keep inflation in check, and investors fretted about a possible Greek debt default.

So while the next few sessions are full of corporate earnings reports, at the moment commodities, rising prices and the Eurozone are leading the conversation. Once again, we're reminded of just how interconnected the world has become and of how events half way around the globe can easily and considerably influence the trading at home. China, Greece, Finland, Portugal, BRICS and an array of emerging markets — that's what we're watching and helping you to follow Monday.

Happy, and safe, trading.

From Twitter:

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*Scott Bleier @CreateCapital - $$ Has "the market" no shame? The LAST DAY of money coming into 401k/IRA's is when they end the levitation act. We got your money, dude!

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Compiled by Elizabeth Trotta and Chris Nichols.

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