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The Loveumentary: A kickstarter-funded project to define true love


Editor's Note: The following is a guest blog post by Nate Bagley, creator of The Loveumentary.

A desire to love and be loved is something every single human on the planet shares. It's our common bond. It's something we can all relate to on the most basic of levels. Love gives us purpose. It prompts us to take risks and attempt the extraordinary. Love is what makes us put our own comfort - or even our own existence - on the line to spare the suffering of another.

For the last year I've traveled around the country with my friend Melissa, interviewing the most amazing couples we could find about what it's like to be in love. We recorded all of these conversations and publish them on a kickstarter-funded website called The Loveumentary. On this journey, we talked to couples who had been married for over 70 years, and couples who were just starting their life together. We interviewed the religious, the not-so-religious, and the absolutely-not-religious. We interviewed gay couples, straight couples, and even polygamous families. During this journey I noticed that some couples stood out from all the rest. They had a little extra... something that made their love a bit more memorable.

After months of reflection, I realized that the thing that set these people apart was that they regularly stepped outside of the busyness of life and made a point to experience moments of real, frequent, and sincere connection.

They are the couples who choose to kiss each other passionately when they part ways every morning rather than settling for a peck.

They are the couples who slow dance in the kitchen while their kids do their homework.

They are the couples who tell each other their darkest secrets, and pretend every night is a sleepover with their best friend.

They are the couples who write each other little notes, send flirty texts, and make each other breakfast in bed for no particular reason.

All it takes is one small moment every day where you step out of the craziness of life to remember not only what it's all about. If I could give you one piece of advice about love after sitting down with some of America's most loving, passionate, and caring couples, it would be to make time every day for each other. Five minutes can make a world of difference. Reminisce. Laugh. Swap stories. Do something nice for each other. Just stare into each others eyes for goodness sake! Whatever it takes to experience a few moments of real connection. Love is too good a thing to miss out on...

Don't ever let yourself get to busy for love.