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These 4 Stocks Have Been Thanksgiving Week Winners for the Last 10 Years


Just because it's a holiday-shortened week doesn't mean there aren't trading opportunities. In fact with light volume and most institutions taking time off, Thanksgiving week can lead to big gains in the shares of companies that are popular with retail investors.

Forbes magazine ran some numbers and found that the the three-and-a-half trading sessions during Thanksgiving week tend to be bullish. Wednesday and the half-day session on Friday have ended up in the green 65% of the time since 1993.

Past performance may not say anything about future returns but day traders will take those odds anytime.

As would probably be expected, the best gains are seen in big ticket consumer names as investors bet on strong holiday sales.

Here are some of the best performers and their average gains during Thanksgiving week since 2003. Each of these companies have been up this week nine of the last ten years.

4.  Tiffany (TIF)

Shares have been soaring this week after Tiffany reported strong results before the opening bell on Monday. That's nothing new for shareholders; Tiffany has gone up 2.3% on average over the last ten Thanksgiving weeks.

3. Nike (NKE)

Investors in the company named after the winged Goddess of Victory have soared an average of 2.8% during turkey week since 2003.

2.  Apple (AAPL)

It's been a relatively tough year for shareholders but you still can't hold a consumer-led rally without Apple. The stock has gone up an average of more than 5.8% the past ten Thanksgivings.

1. Coach (COH)

Before it was getting beaten to death in the marketplace by companies like Michael Kors (KORS),  Coach was a Thanksgiving week mainstay, posting average gains of 5.9% over the last 10 years.

Is this going to be another year of big moves or will this trend prove to be a turkey in 2013?  Let us know what ou think in the space below.