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Thursday’s Trading Headlines, Ideas and Tweets

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Aside from the start of earnings season, the day's trading and investing headlines are again centered around familiar, but extremely important, themes — managing risk, commodity prices and the market's direction.

Oil prices remain a key topic, both internally for us and around the Internet. Elsewhere, MarketWatch takes a look at the gold bugs, while CNBC eyes investing in Mongolia.

We've said it before, but it bears repeating -- the Internet is a mighty big place, and we need your help when it comes to identifying and sharing the best trading and investing stories of the day. Be sure to let us and your fellow investors know what to read in the comment section below or by sending us an email.

In the headlines:

*3 Stocks Analysts Are Upgrading - SmartMoney

*Another Internet Bubble Is Coming - MarketWatch

*BRICS Demand Global Monetary Shake-up, Greater Influence - Reuters

*To Sweeten Deal, NYSE Considers a Dividend - The Wall Street Journal

*Seven Stocks to Sell - InvestorPlace, via MarketWatch

*The Defensive Team Takes the Field - Barron's

*Glencore Announces I.P.O., Seeking Up to $12.1 Billion - The New York Times

*Well, How About Them Apple-Juice Futures? - The Wall Street Journal

*Bankers Running Rings Around Regulators - CNBC

On the blogs:

*Is Goldman Sachs Too Big to Fail? - Economix, The New York Times

*Sleepy Market Ready for Big Move - Seeking Alpha

*Are Oil Prices Driven by Speculators? - The Big Picture

From Twitter:

*Ashraf Laidi @alaidi - Ironic that it was this same week last year when Greece got its EUR 110 bailout. Now we're talking restructuring #forex $$

*Bloomberg News @BloombergNews - Exclusive: #Uranium Producers in Takeover Play as Assets Exceed Share Price: Real M&A - http://ow.ly/4A84Y $UEC $URZ $USU $UEXCF $SXRZF ^gm

*Kathy Lien @kathylienfx - Good question - Who will buy US Treasuries once QE2 ends? #forex #fxtalk

*Sean McLaughlin @chicagosean - SEC is weighing the decision to fine $GS 6 hours' worth of profits, or 12 hours. Would 12 send the proper message? #FAIL

Compiled by Elizabeth Trotta and Chris Nichols (@NicholsNYC).

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