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Today's trending ticker: IMAX

Kevin Chupka
Executive Producer/Writer

Yahoo Finance's "Trending Tickers" make up an index of sorts; one compiled exclusively by us every day. It’s a list of companies whose stocks are seeing the biggest bump in interest as measured by your Yahoo Finance Ticker searches.

Here are five of today’s trending tickers: Walmart (WMT), Conns (CONN), Zale (ZLC), Homeaway (AWAY), and our pick today -- IMAX (IMAX)

IMAX, the film and theater giant, is up over 2% today with decent volumes after reporting an earnings beat.

IMAX 3D ticket sales have been flat for the past five years, but the company is winning by making the 2D experience better. Look no further than last year when IMAX box office revenues grew by 50%, due in part to the public’s interest in bigger screens and sharper pictures and IMAX’s relationship with some of the biggest franchises in Hollywood: The Hunger Games and Star Trek to name but two.

Add to that an expertise in digital remastering like the re-release of Hollywood dinosaurs like Jurassic Park, and licensing fees from studios using their cameras and film, and you have a genuine Hollywood success story playing out on Wall Street.

That’s your trending ticker for today. Be sure to check back tomorrow.