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It's a great week here at Yahoo! Finance.

Today we launch "Breakout," complete with an incredible new studio here in New York City.

And at the end of the week, "Tech Ticker" will become "The Daily Ticker," an updated name that reflects what the show has already been. We launched in 2008 and ended up covering the implosion of the economy in real time. Led by Aaron Task, Henry Blodget and Daniel Gross, "The Daily Ticker" team will keep offering their unique take on the big business and economics stories of the day -- where Washington and Wall Street meet Main Street.


"Breakout," meanwhile, has one clear focus -- helping you make money in the markets.

And who better to do that than co-hosts Matt Nesto and Jeff Macke, as insightful as they are irreverent? It's great to welcome these two guys as our newest colleagues, and they've fit right in with the newsroom camaraderie. (Yes, it's a bit louder around here now.) Aaron will be a frequent contributor, and Jennifer Carinci, Morgan Korn and Chris Nichols round out the winning team.

"Breakout" has been many months in the making, but really its origins go back to the creation of Yahoo! Finance itself. Since 1996, Yahoo! Finance has been the place for people who love the markets, love investing and visit throughout the day to check their portfolios, research trades and see what's happening. Though the world of investing has changed so much in the meantime, our mission remains the same.

"Breakout" is about fresh voices, uncommon insight and actionable ideas. It's a community for traders of all stripes -- active investors, semi-pros and full-on professionals. And everyone who aspires to raise their game.

We are counting on you, our audience, to help really shape the show. Give us a shot and give us some time. Overwhelm us with your feedback! Post comments, talk to us on Twitter and Facebook, keep the emails coming: breakoutcrew@yahoo.com. Hell, we'll even be taking phone calls! Tell us what you like, what you don't like, give us great ideas to pursue -- anything and everything that will make this a place you'll want to be, everyday, throughout the trading day.

-- Diane Galligan and the entire Yahoo! Finance team