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World Cup means big bucks for these companies...

Kevin Chupka
Executive Producer/Writer

Whether or not you have been gripped by World Cup Fever (U-S-A, U-S-A!!) and whether or not the political unrest mars the actual competition, some companies here and abroad stand to make significant gains as the world sets its collective gaze on Brazil.

It should suprise no one that the optionMONSTER himself, Jon Najarain says "Nike (NKE) is THE play I think, I wouldn't dismiss Adidas out of hand either." Nike and Adidas are doing battle for the biggest names in the sport and the biggest marketing budget around the world. Adidas is the global leader in the sport but Nike, the king here at home, is moving to unseat them abroad.

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"Adidas is probably on the feet of a lot of the players but it's Nike that is making the real marketing push," Najrian contends. "I don't want to dismiss Adidas' plays either. I think they're both reasonable buys into and out of the world cup because of the exposure they'll get."

It's not just the suppliers that stand to gain. The retailers hawking those wares a poised to cash in as well.

"I like Foot Locker (FL) and Dick's (DKS), mainly because Dick's has been battered as well...I bought it on the dip and I do think it makes a comeback. Anywhere in the low 40's I think is a steal for Dick's. Foot Locker just crushes it in the shoe sales primarily, not so much the rest of it, but that's of course what everyone's gonna be watching and wearing."

Finally, just because they aren't a specialty retail, don't count out Amazon (AMZN) Najarian cautions. "They are the price setter," he says. "Amazon will continue doing well around the world because of what is going on down in Brazil with this World Cup."

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