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WWE body-slammed again, Nike just doing it, Nokia gets ring of approval


Stocks clinging to the green. It's Tuesday April 8th and this is Trending Tickers. Here are the top three stories as selected by your Yahoo Finance ticker searches:

WWE (WWE) - down another 5% today. The shares are down 20% since Monday morning when the company said it had signed up 667,000 subscriptions for it's WWE Network. That's more than two-thirds of the 2014 goal but below what some optimists had hoped for. WWE also taking a hit on confirmation that the Undertaker had sustained a serious concussion at Wrestlemania. Investors are worried that older fans, specifically the ones with money, might not embrace a new breed of talent on the roster.

Nike (NKE) -  up 2.5% on an upgrade to buy at Stifel. Heading into the session Nike was down more than 10% since guiding revenue and earnings lower in a conference call on March 20th. Nike blamed currency headwinds but analysts are more inclined to buy shares of companies that "Just Do It" when it comes to hitting estimates. Consumer discretionary is a sector to watch going into earnings season.

Nokia (NOK) - up 6% after Chinese officials said the Finnish company could sell its phone business to Microsoft without making significant changes to its patent practices. The Chinese regulators had been seen as the last hurdle before the former Finnish phone kings close a deal to sell their handset business to Microsoft. Once the deal goes through Nokia will focus on managing its 30,000 or so patents. Microsoft and Nokia have vowed not to abuse their partnership as they compete with Google, Samsung and Apple.

Those are your trending tickers for today - we'll see you back here tomorrow