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Karabell: Where a Market Bull, Economy Bear Is Putting His Money

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River Twice President, Time Magazine columnist and all around good egg Zach Karabell swung by Breakout to elaborate on his unusual economic and equity take.

Karabell told us he sees unemployment as a systemic and long-standing problem in a U.S. economy increasingly built around technological advance.

When the Obama job stimulus program ends, Zach is looking for a resumption of a decline in the unemployment rate. Ironically, one of America's strongest sectors, industrial tech, is increasing efficiency AND exacerbating the employment problem.

Turning lemons into profits, Karabell is looking to take advantage of the situation lending itself to the theme of investing in the companies making the guts of the communication age. While conceding that Cisco was his "worst investment of the past six months," Karabell still broadly likes tech as a theme, with a focus now on the "re-momentum trade" in cloud computing stocks, which he says remain as interesting as they were when they were bid up.

Take my word for it, folks: Zach is a sharp guy unafraid to offer opinions on and off the beaten path. Take a look at the clip, then head over to Time.com and gather more of the Karabell wisdom.

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