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"Yo" no! America's most talked about app gets hacked

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The Yo app, which has taken off in popularity, garnered $1 million in backing and allows users to poke each other a single message: "Yo," has allegedly been hacked.

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TechCrunch reports that a Georgia tech student claims that he, along with two roommates, hacked Yo, allowing them to get any Yo user's phone number, spoof Yos from any user, and spam any user with Yos. The app's founder, Or Arbel, confirmed to TechCrunch that Yo was "having security issues," saying that some had been fixed while they were still working on others Friday morning.

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So what's to become of Yo, an app that now has more than 200,000 users, has reached the U.S. App Store's top ten list this week and has even gotten the Colbert treatment? In the accompanying video, Aaron Task weighs in, talking about how Yo has upstaged Facebook's (FB) big launch of Slingshot this week, and getting philosophical about what Yo indicates about our desire for digital dualism.

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