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11 Metro Areas Where the Jobs Recovery Has Failed

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The jobs recovery has been pathetic nationwide. Since January 2010, national employment increased by only 0.8 percent.

But there are some places where the recovery has downright failed.

The following 11 metropolitan areas increased jobs by less than average. Las Vegas, Newark, Atlanta and parts of California have actually decreased payrolls since last year.

1. Las Vegas, Nev.

One-year job change: -1.2%

Jobs lost: 10,000

The retail sector shed the most jobs after the holidays, leisure and hospitality took a hit and so did construction. The gaming industry is still struggling to rebound which is not helping job growth.

2. Newark, N.J.

One-year job change: -0.7%

Jobs lost: 15,000

The biggest losses were seen in business services, manufacturing, education and health services. Police department are also seeing major cuts in very dangerous areas like Newark and Camden.

3. San Francisco, Calif.

One-year job change: -0.6%

Jobs lost: 17,000

Northern California is expected to see double-digit losses for unemployment until at least 2013 with the education, construction, government and retail sectors seeing the most struggle.

4. Atlanta, Ga.

One-year job change: -0.6%

Jobs lost: 12,000

The most layoffs were seen in manufacturing, construction, administrative and support services. Georgia has seen a number of auto plant closures over the last few years.

5. Riverside, Calif.

One-year job change: -0.5%

Jobs lost: 6,000

The sectors that struggle the most are government, construction and retail. Factories are getting orders for new goods but the state jobs report showed that the companies are keeping up production levels with fewer workers.

6. Los Angeles, Calif.

One-year job change: 0%

Jobs added: 1,000

The retail sector took a big loss after the holidays and construction also struggles. Retail jobs in LA are down due to the recession as well as a 10% increase in self-service machines last year which is eliminating positions.

7. Minneapolis, Minn.

One-year job change: +0.3%

Jobs added: 5,000

Trade, transportation, utilities and government saw the most loss with 7,000 jobs cut but gains were seen in education and health services which accounted for 4,200 new jobs.

8. Phoenix, Ariz.

One-year job change: +0.4%

Jobs added: 7,000

The retail sector took a particularly hard hit after the holidays. Arizona lost about 45,700 jobs in January which is less than typical pre-recession figures.

9. Long Island, N.Y.

One-year job change: +0.5%

Jobs added: 6,000

Sectors with job losses included government, construction and manufacturing. Schools in the county are also seeing major cuts in staff because of budget issues.

10. Miami, Fla.

One-year job change: +0.6%

Jobs added: 6,000

Miami was hit hard by the BP oil spill which has impacted tourism and the leisure/hospitality industries.

11. Boston, Mass.

One-year job change: +0.7%

Jobs added: 16,000

Sectors that saw the biggest job losses were manufacturing, government and education. The Gloucester public school system just put over two dozens positions on the chopping block because of budget limitations.

Data provided by Citi.