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The best pies in America

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The best pies in America

‘Tis the season for pie. Lots of pie. A few slices of pumpkin on Thanksgiving. Maybe a thick piece of pecan or blueberry the next morning (before a turkey stuffing sandwich, of course). And of course we’ll eat more pie for the Christmas holiday. One out of five Americans (19%) prefers Apple pie to pumpkin (13%), pecan (12%), banana cream (10%) and cherry (9%) according to a 2008 survey by Crisco and the American Pie Council (yes, that exists).

Every year Americans buy $700 million worth of pies in grocery stores alone. Allison Fishman Task, host of Yahoo’s “Blue Ribbon Hunter” and author of the new cookbook “Cooking Light: Lighten Up, America!,” says she even serves pie for breakfast.

“Pie after a meal is a waste of pie,” she tells The Daily Ticker. An apple pie, for example, has "protein and fiber" and is more satisying (and nutritious) than some other choices (think muffins and donuts).

The Task family’s morning tradition is not an anomaly: 35% of Americans say they’ve eaten it for breakfast while even more (66%) have admitted consuming it for lunch.

Cupcakes and donuts have taken the spotlight away from pies in recent years, but that may be changing. Specialty pie makers are popping up all across the country and pies no longer require a fork and plate: Pie Face in New York offers bite-size pies for foodies on the go.

Many Americans are still baking their pies at home. Nearly 56 million refrigerated pies crusts and 46.9 million frozen crusts are sold every year. Task says a premade crust cuts down the preparation time by hours -- she made a delicious apple pie for the Yahoo Finance editors in less than an hour!

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