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Best Places to Live to Battle Your Bulge

If you are looking to shed a few extra pounds in the New Year you may want to consider where you live. Some cities are better suited to help you lose weight than others, according to the online real estate Web site

In its latest analysis of housing markets across the country, Trulia found San Francisco to be the best metro to call home if you want to lose weight, followed by Fairfield County, CT, and Long Island, NY.

Las Vegas was noted as the worst place to live if you're looking to size down.

Trulia used five criteria to determine its rankings including:

  1. Healthier food options. More "slow food" establishments and specialty food markets versus "fast food" restaurants and convenience stores. San Francisco, New York and Fort-Myers, FL ranked highest in this category.

  2. Walking or biking to work. New York, Boston and San Francisco scored the best for workers who commute on "two feet or two wheels."

  3. Easy gym access. Trulia ranked cities with the most health clubs and fitness centers per 1,000 people. Cities like Fairfield, CT next to New York and Middlesex Count, MA near Boston had the highest density of gyms.

  4. Opportunities for outdoor activity. To calculate this measure, Trulia counted the number of sporting good stores per 1,000 people. Salt Lake City and Colorado Springs outperformed here.

  5. Weight-loss and counseling support programs. Philadelphia and Orange County, CA had the most per 1,000 people.

But if you're looking for a healthier lifestyle and want to move to do so, it will cost you. Here are the best (and worst) places to live and what it will cost you to live there:

Top 5 Best Metros for Losing Weight

  1. San Francisco, CA ($459 median price per sq ft)

  2. Fairfield County, CT ($221 median price per sq ft)

  3. Long Island, NY ($216 median price per sq ft)

  4. Boston, MA ($219 median price per sq ft)

  5. Lake County, IL & Kenosha County, WI ($106 median price per sq ft)

Top 5 Worst Metros for Losing Weight

  1. Las Vegas, NV ($70 median price per sq ft)

  2. Fort Worth, TX ($77 median price per sq ft)

  3. Bakersfield, CA ($85 median price per sq ft)

  4. San Antonio, TX ($87 median price per sq ft)

  5. Riverside and San Bernardino, CA ($108 median price per sq ft)

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Would you consider moving to a healthier metro area this year?

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