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Billionaire: Climate for Entrepreneurs Better Than Ever As Long As You Do THIS

Justin Maiman
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Billionaire: Climate for Entrepreneurs Better Than Ever As Long As You Do THIS

"America still works," says John Paul DeJoria.

He's worth about $4 billion, according to Forbes. And his track record with launching products and brands is well-documented. So we thought it was important to ask the billionaire CEO and co-founder of Paul Mitchell, and co-founder of Patron Spirits, what he thinks of the current business environment for entrepreneurs and start-ups in the U.S.

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"If today somebody is very enthusiastic about their service or their product and they can maintain that enthusiasm because they believe in the quality of their product or service... yes they have a chance to make it now, today, as good as any other year," says DeJoria. "And if I started today, could I do it again? Heck yes."

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He says that when he launched Paul Mitchell Products in 1980 inflation was 12 1/2 % and unemployment was above 10%. Despite the state of the economy, he and his employees believed in their products and that's what drove them...

DeJoria will test his own abilities to pick a winning idea on the new season of ABC's "Shark Tank" starting in September. (More on his role in the show and the best pitches he saw, coming up later this week on The Daily Ticker.)

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