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Corporate America Will Dominate the World in 2014: The Economist

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What is the world going to look like in 2014? The Economist magazine is out with its annual list of predictions and editor Dan Franklin joined us to discuss some of the most provocative prognostications. He says American companies will be back on top of the business world again in 2014, a continuation of this year’s momentum.

"It's just getting better," he explains. American companies are getting bigger and they could account for the majority of the global top ten by market value, he adds.

The magazine also has as positive outlook on U.S. markets: it will come as no surprise "if the Dow marks the fifth anniversary of its 2009 trough by breaking records at some 10,000 points higher.” 

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But the issues that followed corporate America in 2014 will not go away next year: investors frustrated by the “shocking gap” between executive pay and the average worker will continue to make their frustrations heard. The Economist also points out that “corporate America will still be obsessed with short-term profits” in 2014.

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That said, it could be worse. The Economist says to expect the annual Edelman Trust Barometer in January to show that Americans’ trust in business continues to recover from post-financial crisis lows, while trust in government remains far lower.

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