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The Craziest Ways People Have Blown Their Money

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Provided by the Business Insider's Alana Horowitz

Think about the craziest purchase you've ever made. Maybe it was a flat screen TV or a pair of designer boots. Heck, one blogger even gave his three-year-old an iPhone.

If you've ever felt buyer's remorse, don't. At least you're not Bono, who bought a first-class plane ticket for his hat, or the Spanish woman who thinks she owns the sun.

We've put together a list of the most ridiculous things people have purchased.

The nine-foot-tall tomb, which rests in a New Orleans cemetery, is just one of many insane charges to Cage's credit card. He also owns a dinosaur skull, a pet octopus, and two islands.

  • Beyonce's leggings cost more than a college education.

The singer spent $100,000 on gold Balenciaga leggings. She wore them to the 2007 BET awards.

  • Kim Basinger bought a small town in Georgia.

In 1989, the Georgia-born actress bought the majority of Braselton, a 500-person town.
She and a group of investors spent $20 million on 1,751 acres, which they hoped to turn into a tourist attraction.
Basinger ran into financial trouble a few years later and was forced to sell her share of the property.

  • One eBay user paid $3,000 for an imaginary friend

A British man grew tired of Jon Malipieman, his longtime imaginary pal, and decided to sell him on eBay. He got 31 bids and nearly $3,000.  eBay usually squelches non-tangible transactions, but somehow this one got through.

  • A crazy fan bought Justin Timberlake's partially-eaten french toast.

The singer was invited on the Z-100 morning show and was unable to finish two pieces of french toast.

The radio station sold his leftover breakfast on eBay, and 19-year-old Kathy Summers paid $1,025 for the slices.

  • Bono bought a first-class plane ticket -- for his hat.

The U2 frontman arrived in Italy for a concert only to discover he'd forgotten his favorite hat. So, he did what any insanely wealthy tourist would do. He threw down 1,000 pounds (approximately $1,600) to have the cap rushed over. The epic journey included a cab to the airport, a first-class ticket to Bologna, and a chauffeured driver from the airport to the concert location.

  • This wedding cake was a life-sized replica of the bride.

Like any little girl, Texan Chidi Ogbuta had always dreamed of her perfect wedding. Hers just happened to include a life-sized replica of her in cake form. The dessert took two chefs and 200 eggs to make.