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Fed Chair Hopefuls Are “Lapdogs for the Establishment”: Jim Rogers

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At last count, more than 350 economists, 38 female House Democrats and about 17 Senators have signed letters to President Obama urging him to nominate Fed Vice Chair Janet Yellen as the next Chairman of the Fed. She emerged as the frontrunner for the job now that Larry Summers, a former economic advisor to the president and Treasury Secretary under President Clinton, has withdrawn his name from consideration.

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While Congressional members and economists push their pick for Fed chair, international investor Jim Rogers tells The Daily Ticker: it doesn’t matter who Obama picks because all Fed Chair candidates “are lapdogs for the establishment.” He expects any new Fed chair will continue current policy, which he says is “insane.”

"They should stop all of this, printing $1 trillion every year,” says Rogers, author of “Street Smarts: Adventures on the Road and in the Markets.” He explains: “The world will suffer very badly, very badly when this comes to an end. It’s an artificial sea of liquidity.”

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And it’s not just the Fed that is contributing to the excess liquidity, according to Rogers. “For the fist time in recorded history…every central bank—Japan, Europe, England and the U.S.—are “debasing their currencies,” says Rogers.

The Fed may announce as early as this Wednesday--when its two-day policy meeting concludes--the beginning of its retreat from the money printing that is upsetting Rogers. Two-thirds of the 47 economists surveyed by The Wall Street Journal expect the Fed will announce Wednesday a reduction in its $85 billion worth of monthly Treasury and mortgage-backed securities purchases. Their most common expectation: a $15 billion cut. At the same time economists expect the Fed will reduce its growth forecast for the year.

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Given these two contradictory expectations and the fact that the job market is still underperforming four years into an economic recovery, the Fed could, however, decide once again to delay any tapering now. That’s the last thing Jim Rogers would like to see. Watch the video above to see Jim Rogers discuss his analysis not only of the Fed but of the U.S. debt situation—“America is the largest debtor nation in history”—and the U.S. dollar.

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