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Where to find the best "Super Saturday" deals

Nicole Goodkind
Nicole Goodkind
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Where to find the best "Super Saturday" deals

Black Friday may be the biggest shopping day of the year but this coming Saturday is a close second. Super Saturday, or the last Saturday before Christmas, marks the end-of-year scramble for holiday gifts.

In a shortened holiday season with disappointing sales, retailers are making a big push for the days leading up to Dec. 25.

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Up to 30% of holiday sales come from the last two weeks of the year and four of the 10 busiest shopping days occur between Dec. 20 and Dec. 24.

Mark Ellwood, discount shopping extraordinaire and author of Bargain Fever, joined The Daily Ticker to tell last-minute shoppers how to get the best deals this weekend.

“There are amazing deals to be found,” he says. “Essentially retailers are having their last attempt to grab your money and they’re going to do anything to make you spend.”

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Toys"R"Us will be open for 87 hours straight starting at 6am this Saturday. Its best deal is the Furby Boom, which was discounted from $59 to $19.

If electronics are more your speed, Best Buy (BBY) is cutting $100 from the price of Apple's (AAPL) MacBook Air.

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December is when stores want to make way for new electronics, says Ellwood, so “go for anything that plugs in – you’re going to get a great deal.”

Target (TGT) is also getting in the game with $10 off every $75 spent on toys. The big box retailer is hoping to boost sales after it revealed earlier this week that 40 million customers' credit card information was stolen.

“I think if you are shopping you shouldn’t worry at all as you have great redress with credit cards, it's a very safe way to shop,” says Ellwood.

Last-minute shoppers should also keep this in mind: Ellwood believes that unless something is discounted by 30%, it’s not worth buying.

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