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Katy Perry Is #1 on Twitter, So Why Is the Board All Male?

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Katy Perry Is #1 on Twitter, So Why Is the Board All Male?

Academic and tech entrepreneur Vivek Wadhwa and Twitter CEO Dick Costolo got into a highly-publicized spat last month after Wadhwa criticized Twitter for having an all-white male board and “male chauvinistic thinking.” Then, Costolo called Wadhwa the “Carrot Top” of academic sources. The two duked it out on, you guessed it, Twitter. And since then, Kara Swisher of All Things D has reported that Twitter is looking for a woman to join its board after the company’s IPO.

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Swisher reports that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (a long shot) could be asked to join Twitter's board. Other potential picks according to Swisher include Condoleezza Rice and Madeleine Albright. Twitter is supposedly looking for someone with international expertise.

So is Vivek Wadhwa satisfied with this move? Not exactly.

“When it comes to women [companies] have to get a Hillary Clinton or Madeleine Albright,” he tells the Daily Ticker. "But when it comes to men, they have a college dropout, they’ve got French Literature majors, psych majors on the board…standards for the guys are so much lower than for the women.”

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Check out the video to see why Wadhwa says investors should want more women on the boards of Silicon Valley companies.

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