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We’ll Miss You Ben Bernanke! Regards, the Yahoo Finance Team

Nicole Goodkind
Nicole Goodkind
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We’ll Miss You Ben Bernanke! Regards, the Yahoo Finance Team

Janet Yellen, Donald Kohn, Tim Geithner, Roger Ferguson—the next Federal Reserve Chairman is anyone’s guess at this point. But while it's unclear who will be the future leader of the Fed, we do know with certainty that Ben Bernanke’s days as head honcho are numbered.

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Although he’s not going anywhere just yet, the Yahoo Finance team couldn’t help but recall our fondest memories of Ben Bernanke’s Fed reign. Love him or hate him, seven years is a long time and we’ll certainly miss him when he’s gone.

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In the video above, the Yahoo Finance team shares what we’ll miss most about Ben Bernanke. From his notorious beard to feisty congressional hearings, Bernanke has entertained, innovated and battled a financial crisis that no one was prepared for...

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